Areas we clean

Whenever you need residential or commercial cleaning, our company LandLord Clean London can lend you an assisting hand. We understand how busy most of you are with all the responsibilities on the top of your head. We suggest that you take some time off and let us take care of the cleaning duties? Whether it is dusting, hoovering, polishing, tiding up or scrubbing- our professional cleaners are the best people for every cleaning task that you may have in store. Be it a simple mopping, preparing your home for some special event or deep spring clean, we can come to the rescue! Let us be your partner!

If you are private homeowner, strictly following the standards of cleanliness or business manager who wants to provide cosy environment for the co-workers, we have got you covered. All you need to do is to get in touch with us and book our professional cleaning services. We are based in London.

Some of the areas we operate:

Camden Town
Abbey Wood