End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cricklewood

Moving out goes hand in hand with end of tenancy cleaning. If you’re a tenant whose contract is due, you’re required to do an end of tenancy cleaning of your rented property if you wish to get a full refund on your deposit.

As you know, end of tenancy cleaning is nothing like regular cleaning – it’s way more thorough and, as such, it should be done with diligence. If you’re going to clean the whole place yourself, you need to think about all the time you’ll need to do it. A proper cleaning of a place as little as 100 square feet may take as much as a whole week. If you don’t have that much time at your disposal, don’t bother cleaning at all.

Immaculate end of tenancy cleaning services

We offer you to take advantage of our professional end of tenancy cleaning services today. We offer affordable and thorough cleaning services of leased properties situated in Cricklewood. We have experience in the field and we work with tenants, landlords and even real estate agencies. Contact us and book today, we’re the preferred end of tenancy cleaning company.

We are preferred to other end of tenancy cleaning companies in Cricklewood because we offer more flexible services. We work throughout the week and even on bank holidays and we are able to assist houses, apartments and offices alike.

We can help landlords get the highest rent for their property by making their place clean and arranged and we can also help tenants get a full refund on their deposit. Our professional end of tenancy cleaning company has the best cleaning equipment in Cricklewood.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Price Cricklewood

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio Flat from £89
One Bedroom Flat from £145
Two Bedroom Flat from £165
Three Bedroom Flat from £189

We will sanitize bathrooms and restrooms, thoroughly clean all appliances, clean floors and windows. We can even clean your walls! We guarantee we won’t leave a single inch of your property neglected.

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When we finish cleaning your rented or rental property, within 48 hours an inspection clerk will come and inspect the way we’ve delivered our service. If they find anything wrong, we’ll come back and re-clean, free of charge.

Contact us today and book our professional end of tenancy cleaning services, available exclusively in NW2.

“I am a landlord that rents out properties so I am almost in constant need of end of tenancy cleaning services. Over the last years, I have always used this company’s end of tenancy cleaning services. They are professionals who always answer my prayers. They are my cleaning supplier and I will keep on using them.”

More About Our Company in Cricklewood

More and more people count on professional cleaning services to carry out the cleaning chores they have at home. It is fast, effective and you are guaranteed perfect end-results, but the best part is that you apply zero efforts and still your house looks and smells incredible. Landlord Clean London is a professional cleaning service which is an exact example for a diligent and trustworthy cleaning service.

We have spent many years perfecting our craft and it has paid off well- we have many loyal customers who trust us completely and are more than happy with the results we provide for them, and our glory just keeps spreading.

We provide end-cleaning results on another level- not even the smallest detail remains overlooked, every nook and cranny of your property gets cleaned and then checked again- what we do is we attack the dirt and dust directly and offer tips against the source and root of the contamination.