End Of Tenancy Cleaning Hammersmith

The only way to increase a property’s value is to make it appealing both from the outside and also from the inside, too. To do it, a person needs to trim hedges, rake leaves, declutter their property, but, most importantly – they need to clean.

Leading real estate agents letting houses and apartments in Hammersmith reveled just how much can a person profit from simply cleaning their property before putting it on the market. According to them, raking leaves and trimming grass leads to a 4 per cent increase in property value.

Because experience matters

Add window washing and siding cleaning to the combination and you get a 19 per cent increase in the value of the property, state real estate agents. And if you completely sanitize the inside of your home, you can ultimately receive the double of what you were hoping to get in the first place.

Anyhow, doing such a comprehensive cleaning takes a lot of time, effort, and it can’t be done by a single technician. That is why our professional cleaning company is here. We work in W3 and we’re a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. Choose us to clean your property and we’ll make you happy.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services are delivered by an experienced team of technicians who are all familiar with our cleaning gear and methods. Each member of our team has more than two years of experience in the field of professional cleaning and they’ve all went to an intensive course where they were taught how to deliver our professional cleaning services with excellence.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Price Hammersmith

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio Flat from £89
One Bedroom Flat from £145
Two Bedroom Flat from £165
Three Bedroom Flat from £189

Our end of tenancy cleaning technicians will never be late for your appointment – they’ll come precisely on time and they won’t leave until they make your home sparkling clean. Book us, we work in Hammersmith.

But our end of tenancy cleaning services aren’t limited to the needs of the homeowner only – we can also assist outgoing and incoming tenants as well, and we’re even able to meet the needs professional letting agents, too.

Book our end of tenancy cleaning services today and you won’t regret it tomorrow. We’re in Hammersmith.

“After living on rent for 2 years, I finally bought my own flat. It was very important to leave the leased property in excellent condition and decided to book professional end of tenancy cleaning. Thank you for sending your cleaners. They saved me a lot of time and efforts.”

More About Our Company in Hammersmith

A large number of people rely on us, these people live in various places around London, and they want us to maintain their homes clean. We are always ready, we are always on time, and we are complete professionals. As hard as the task may be, our team has been successful in almost every case. Our clients trust in us, and we do not like to let them down, not a single one of them.

My brother and I created Landlord Clean London almost four years ago after we put in our interests together – managing a business and being a clean freak. Both of us were on our own in the beginning but over time we started getting more and more clients and we really needed a bigger team. So now we’re bigger in any area. Someone gives a call and a car with the logo of Landlord Clean London parks in front of their home right on schedule.